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How Marriage Counselling Could Help You?

  • Reestablishing Trust
  • Improving Communication 
  • Resolution Arguments 
  • Increase Love & Passion 
  • Reduce Anger 
  • Improve Confidence 
  • Avoid Divorce 
  • Increased Pleasure 
  • Increased Happiness 

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What Our Clients Say

Shane Melaugh

I first came to Stephen a little skeptical and it wasn't my choice but I was open to counselling. Just over a year before I started I lost someone very close to me and from there everything went downhill, my work, my study, my relationship and my temper was shorter, I didn't even realise it was happening most of the time. But throughout the cognitive counselling with Stephen and since I have finished my sessions I feel 10x better in myself. I'm more positive, my work is picking up, I'm more motivated. But the thing he helped me the most with was my study and how to go about revising and being more positive about doing an exam I had already failed once.

The detail Stephen goes into of how the brain works and the things we can do to change the that in order to help ourselves was brilliant. I would recommend anyone who is struggling with anything in life, even if it's just stress of work to give it a try and see the difference it can make to your whole attitude and mental health.

Tom From St Helens 

Shane Melaugh

I first contacted Stephen at Clear Minds after enduring the worst 18 months of my life. I had experienced a lot of emotional pain and loss which resulted in me becoming increasingly angry, sometimes resulting in explosions of rage towards loved ones. Stephen's relaxed and professional approach really helped me open up about the issues I'd faced and his advice and guidance really helped me to help myself. I'd recommend Stephen and Clear Minds to anyone who is feeling the way I was.

Neil From Liverpool 

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