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Gravity Blanket For Anxiety Relief


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Size and Weight

Our weighted blanket come in numerous sizes and weights. The sizes range from 135 x 200cm to 155 x 220 cm, or 53 x 78.5 inches to 61 x 86.5 inches. In terms of weight, our blankets range from 4kg to 12kg, or 9lbs to 26.5lbs. It’s best to choose one that can cover your body and that is about 10% of your body weight for the best relaxation possible.

Best Weighted Blankets For Anxiety

Get Rapid Anxiety & Stress Relief With Your Own Weighted Blanket

We all seek relief, whether it be from anxiety, sleep issues, or just overall distress–all of us want some relief and peace in our lives. Natrul’s Weighted Blanket for anxiety is a simple product designed to help you relax, whether it’s from a hard day or anything else that is darkening your disposition. Not only has this been designed to give you reassuring pressure, but it has a pleasing texture that is wonderful to touch. Every aspect of this blanket has been made for one thing: to help you relax.

Natrul’s Weighted Blanket has been crafted by GravityBlanket, a part of the Senso-Rex company, which is known for making the best relaxing blankets in the world. The moment you put it on, whether around your body or on common tension spots (legs, abdomen, neck, jaw, or back), it will relieve your muscles and make you feel safe. It’s especially wonderful when you need to doze off for sleep. Say goodnight to those wandering thoughts or restless nights. This blanket makes it easier than ever to reach deep, peaceful sleep.

Weighted Blankets For Anxiety

Combining the power of the latest physiotherapy research with traditional healing, this is the ultimate blanket for helping you calm down. It also provides a comfortable sense of warmth without being suffocating. Just put it anywhere that’s tense and within seconds you’ll notice how much calmer you feel. Read on to hear even more about the health and mental benefits of adding a weighted blanket into your life, whether it’s during the day or when you need to wind down for sleep.

Source of Health

  • What are the three words best associated with weighted blankets? Peace, wellness, and relaxation. It’s literally constructed specifically to promote wellness and to give you peace of mind in the simplest, most efficient way possible. It’s been proven that providing firm but gentle pressure on the body produces a feeling of calm and tranquility. This is written into our genetics as human beings and mammals.


  • Applying this pressure instantly removes feelings of anxiety, worry, and irritation that can build up when stress exceeds your coping skills. Mothers and working women can easily attest to how stressful life can get. You need a way to remove that stress and carry on. Not only is this useful in reducing anxiety, but it can also reduce pain by soothing the body and reducing the tension common of anxiety and stress.


  • What about the obsessive thoughts that can sometimes accompany anxiety and worry? Don’t worry, because this gentle pressure doesn’t just soothe your body. Many have found that this pressure helps to still thoughts, to reduce the ruminating and worry, and to help their mind stop rethinking situations and stressful events. It lets your mind be still so that it can recover.


  • We recommend this blanket day or night, but it really shows off during the night. Sleep is absolutely essential to mental and physical wellness. Whether you have pathological anxiety or just feelings of worry and stress, sleep can determine how your entire day goes and can either heal or harm you. Bad sleep equals a bad day, and lots of bad sleep equals many bad days. This blanket helps you quickly get to sleep and even makes your sleep more peaceful and restful.


As we’ve said many times, this blanket is specifically made for calming you down. That’s not just the physical reaction to pressure, it’s because we engineered every aspect of this weighted blanket in accordance with modern physiotherapy research. First of all, we used shining cotton for its wonderful look and feel, and every stitch has been placed to ensure consistent and secure filling. We don’t want one area of the blanket to be too full while others suffer. These blankets must have consistent weight to work properly.


What is the filling? It’s a combination of silicone and glass microbeads all engineered to be the exact same size. Not only that, but these materials are essential for consistent weight and comfort. They don’t break down like other materials and they ensure sleep and comfort. Plus, they’ll never pass through the outside of the cover, which can happen with other materials, especially as the blanket gets older or whenever it’s in the washing machine.

We’ve also given you two textures to enjoy. One side is completely smooth while the other has a decorative quilt. While they look good, this is actually for running your hand against. The right texture can help soothe your mind. Try it out and see which side calms you the most. According to research, you should choose a blanket that is about 10% of your body weight for the best relaxation response.

The last thing we want you to do while you relax is sneezing or feeling irritation. As such, we made this blanket hypoallergenic to keep you safe. We’ve used the best quality cotton available and a silicone and glass bead filling that shouldn’t cause an allergic response. As an added benefit, these materials resist mites and are the most hypoallergenic available.


We want you to be safe and to feel calm when you order this product.

Everyone feels anxious, it’s part of being human. However, when those worrying thoughts make it consistently difficult to relax, then you need something to help you calm down. Our weighted blanket is a fantastic solution. It’s easy to use, feels great, and relies on modern research that’s been proven to aid in anxiety relief. Get your blanket today and see just how wonderful it feels. Within moments you’ll see why so many people swear by these blankets for better sleep and anxiety relief.


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135CM – 200CM, 155CM – 220CM


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