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How Much Does Marriage Counselling Cost?


If you’ve been wondering how much marriage counselling cost’s, then you’re in the right place because in this new article you’re about to discover what you can expect to pay.

You’ve been yelling a lot more than usual. Maybe it started small– an argument over waking up to a sink full of dishes, or an inability to decide where to eat. And now it’s growing into something much bigger.

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It’s certainly normal for couples to have their disagreements. If your disagreements feel like hurdles or walls in your relationship, though, it might be time to take action.

Marriage counselling is the perfect tool to fix up your relationship. It can increase communication, make communication clearer and more effective, and help pinpoint bad habits.

If you’ve never had marriage counselling before, you might not know what to expect. From marriage counselling cost to variance in results, the whole experience can feel like a big question mark.

If this sounds like you, read on to learn exactly what to expect from your marriage counselling appointment.

What Exactly Is Marriage Counselling?

While counselling sessions vary from therapist to therapist, the basics are the same. Marriage counselling is like seeing a therapist for your mental health, but for the health of your relationship instead. Since it takes two to tango, most sessions will involve both your partner and you sitting down with a therapist to discuss issues within your relationship.

Some therapists will act as a middle man, offering one-on-one counselling with both parties, and then bring them together to help foster openness and honesty.

Most therapists will operate through joint sessions. They’ll mediate, ask questions, and likely give you both things to work on before the next session.

Hopefully, throughout the weeks spent attending marriage counselling sessions, both your partner and you will become mindful of the advice given by your therapist, resulting in improved communication.

Who Needs It?

Every relationship is different, just as every person as different. We all communicate in different ways. This can make it hard to tell when your communication issues warrant a necessity for a mediator.

Do you find your arguments frequently resulting in one of you storming out of the room, leaving things unresolved? This can often feel frustrating for both parties, one left hung out to dry and the other too frustrated to form words. A marriage counsellor can help bridge the gap and keep the communication healthy, so it never reaches this point.

Do you find yourself skirting around real issues that bother you in favour of lighter subjects? Big topics can often be difficult to talk about, but your partner should be there for you no matter what.

An inability to discuss the tough stuff can indicate a lack of trust or fear in the foundation of your relationship. A marriage counsellor can help pinpoint the true root of your locked tongue and help create a safe, comfortable zone of honesty.

Communication can’t always be one hundred per cent effective, but if you find yourselves facing walls and hurdles in your relationship that stop you in your tracks, it might be time to visit with a marriage counsellor.

What Does Marriage Counselling Cost?

Now that you’ve determined your need for a marriage counsellor, you’re probably thinking of hammering out the details. Scheduling, cost, and discipline all become very real issues once you take the plunge into marriage counselling.

In terms of marriage counselling cost, it varies greatly. On average, though, sessions cost between £10 and £70 per hour, depending on a few factors.

Most sessions run about an hour, but depending on your counsellor and your needs, might be slightly shorter or longer. Some counsellors will offer package deals if you pay up front for extended periods of counselling.

Package deals are also a great way to ensure you’re attending all your sessions. If it’s paid for already, you’re more likely to attend regularly. Paying as you go can often lead to dropping off with your therapy sessions, but it’s important to make your marriage counselling a priority.

Things to Consider

First, check with your insurance company. Some plans will cover marriage counselling cost underneath the mental health bracket of your coverage. Many plans will only cover single therapy, but as awareness about the importance of mental health grows, so do insurance policies’ coverage.

Second, check with your counsellor about the potential for a sliding scale. Some counsellors offer sliding scales that vary according to your income. Mental health professionals care deeply that you get the care you need to lead a happy and healthy life, so many will be happy to work with you.

How Much Therapy Will We Need?

does marriage counselling work

The number of sessions recommended will vary according to your needs and situation. If your partner and you come to rely heavily on the increased ease of communication through counselling, it’s likely you’ll want to meet with them weekly until you feel you can communicate effectively on your own.

How long does it take to get to that point, you ask? That depends on your discipline. Like any goal, reaching your relationship goals will take hard work and focus from both of you.

Like a student who does their homework and makes A’s, the harder you work at your relationship the better it will become.

That being said, most counsellors recommend at least three months of weekly sessions to make sure all your bases are covered. That’s 12 sessions total, and doesn’t include follow up sessions that might need to take place should you find yourselves slipping back into your old ways.

At the average of £10 to £70 per hour, marriage counselling cost can be between £120 and £840 total for three months of counselling.

Is It Worth It?

While the marriage counselling cost may seem expensive if counselling isn’t covered by your insurance, the rewards you will reap will last you both the rest of your lives. It takes more than love to make a relationship work, and that’s okay.

Arguing can create a solid wall between a couple that won’t allow you to see each other for who each other really is: the person you fell in love with. Seeing a marriage counsellor can help you both fall in love with each other all over again, one week at a time.

Get in touch today to discuss how you can revitalise your relationship!


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