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11/ December 2021




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Stephen helped save our marriage...

Stephen helped save our marriage. Before we came to see Stephen me and my husband was on the verge of splitting up for good. Along with couple and individual counselling I can honestly say we are both in a better place and we have our marriage back on track. If not better! Would highly recommend. Thank you

Google Review

Could not recommend Stephens excellent services enough...

Could not recommend Stephens excellent services enough. Found his sessions invaluable to get my partner and i back on track, great down to earth guy,

Google Review 

The counselling I received from Stephen has been paramount...

The counselling I received from Stephen has been paramount in me moving forward and enjoying life and my relationships with all of those around me to the full.

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What Sets This Online Seminar Apart

Falling in love is the easiest part of a relationship. Keeping the relationship going takes time, commitment, and perseverance. You’ll learn strategies to overcome the difficulties which present themselves as well as how to deepen your love for each other.

What You'll Learn

When you first fall in love it’s like there’s a fire between you filled with passion and excitement. As you move beyond the infatuation stage, that fire lessens, and you may wonder if you made a mistake. The only mistake is in forgetting that it takes effort and commitment to keep a relationship going. Your relationship began with a chemical reaction between the two of you. That’s not very romantic, but it’s true. If you want to be one of the couples who celebrates their 60th anniversary, now is the time to establish routines which nourish your relationship. You’ll learn strategies to overcome difficulties and move your relationship to a depth you never thought possible.

Part 1

Powerful strategies to assist in communicating with each other, so you’re both heard, and your relationship is strengthened.

Part 2

How to listen to and respect each other through the rough times of your relationship. 

Part 3

How to handle things when one of you wants more personal space. Learn how giving space is about love and will strengthen your relationship.

Part 4

How to strengthen emotional and sexual intimacy… and some fun sex games to spice up your physical relationship.

About The Conference Speaker, Ste Boylan 

Author - Expert Relationship Therapist - CEO - Founder   

Ste is an author, expert relationship specialist and he is the CEO and founder of Clear Minds Talking Therapies Limited.

Since 2010, Ste has had the privilege to have helped thousands of couples and individuals to create happy, loving, trusting and fulfilling relationships and lives.  

Moreover, Ste is a happily married man with 4 beautiful children and beautiful grandson who absolutely adores. 

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The price includes, all resources and access to the online version of the event after the event. Plus we will be donating 10% of all profits to child mental health.  

Our 30-day action takers guarantee ENSURES that all the risk is on me. If these materials don’t empower you to move forward on your relationship dreams, I’ll refund your money.

It’s ALL reward, NO risk.

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Join Us For Keep the Fire Burning Online Seminar For Couples 

The step-by-step process to go from infatuation to a truer, deeper love, conquer boring routines, discover how to keep the passion alive, and much more!

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