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12 Ideas For Romantic Dates At Home In Lockdown


Ideas for Romantic Dates at Home during Lockdown 

In this blog post you will discover 12 ideas for romantic dates in lockdown. It is no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has put a spanner in the works of you enjoying romantic date nights out with your significant other so I have decided that I would help by writing this blog.

This blog is designed to give you some Ideas for Romantic Dates at Home during Lockdown so that you can keep the romance alive in your relationship.

It is essential that you keep the romance alive in your relationship during lockdown because you cannot let this pandemic destroy your relationship.

The pandemic has already wiped out your summer holiday, liked it did ours and not to mention the lives that have been sadly lost and impacted on because of it so let’s ensure it does not destroy your relationship.

Dates at home can be very romantic and help your relationship flourish even during a pandemic. You can have a good time while saving money by cutting back on fancy restaurants and babysitters.

I am going to share with you 6 ideas for romantic dates indoors and 6 romantic ideas for outdoors when the weather is nice again.

Try these ideas for sharing a wonderful romantic time indoors with your partner and making simple enjoyments more memorable.

6 Romantic Ideas for Indoors.

ideas for romantic dates
  • Serve breakfast in bed. One of the most romantic ways to start the day is breakfast in bed. Prepare a tray with fresh squeezed juice, seasonal fruits and breakfast pastries. Decorate it with a small vase of cut flowers. Read a romantic book to each other or browse through vacation brochures and start focus on next year when the pandemic is over. Our eBook The Language Of Love Is perfect.  
  • Stage a movie night. Select a romantic film you've both enjoyed in the past or pick a title you have been waiting to see together. My wife and I take turns picking movies each movie night. Make a bowl of popcorn more elegant by adding some olive oil and rosemary. Curl up under a throw or a relaxing weighted blanket like we do.
  • Give each other a couple's massage. Invest in a massage table or use your bed. Buy some scented oils and wear plush robes. If you want to learn some new techniques, browse around your library for a video or instructional manual. I recommend visiting Udemy if you want to learn how to give a lovely message. Their video courses are amazing and very affordable.
  • Share a candlelight dinner. Set the table with your best china and silver. Arrange fresh flowers and candles. Prepare your favourite dishes or select a recipe that sounds romantic like seafood paella for two. Finish up with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Here you will find 68 romantic recipes for two.
  • Make your own ice cream sundaes. It is easy to have a good time when you are eating ice cream. Buy some gourmet flavours and toppings. Melt a little dark chocolate and milk for a rich hot sauce. Slice up some fresh fruit. Spoon your sundaes into fancy glass bowls.
  • Have a game night. One that I stumbled across Is the old classic Truth or Dare and it still serves a purpose well into adulthood. You and your partner can relive your teenage years together by playing a game of Truth or Dare online for free. To start, you choose your category. Party or Hot are made more for adult couples. Then you take turns clicking on "truth" or "dare" and completing the generated task or question.

Try these ideas for sharing a wonderful romantic time outdoors with your partner on those lovely sunny days.

6 Romantic Ideas for Outdoors:

ideas for romantic dates
  • Throw a pool party. Lounge side by side in matching chaises with tropical drinks. If you do not have an in-ground pool (like most people do not have lol), you can still have a party. Drink your margaritas while you cool your feet in a small inflatable paddling pool.
  • Go camping. Pitch a tent in your backyard and break out your sleeping bags. You can tell each other ghost stories or pick up a pocketbook of poetry. Bring out some mugs of hot chocolate topped with gourmet marshmallows in exotic flavour's.
  • Share a picnic. Spread a blanket and lie out in the sun. Make your own roast chicken and potato salad or visit your local supermarket for prepared dishes if neither of you likes to cook. If you do not have a back garden, use your balcony and failing that go to the local park.
  • Play games. Go back in time with a leisurely game of lawn tennis. You can have a little fun by dressing up for each other in long linen shorts and straw hats. When you are ready to take a break, snack on tea and lemonade with cucumber and watercress finger sandwiches.
  • Promise each other a rose garden. Start a rose garden together that you can watch grow in the years ahead. It is surprisingly easy even for inexperienced gardeners. Prepare the soil a few days in advance to get the messy steps out the way. Then you can enjoy planting your flowers together and watering them daily during the important first weeks. You can watch this YouTube video if you want to learn how to grow a rose garden.

Romantic dates at home can help bring you closer together even if you do not have a lot of money to spend. 

Plan activities that you both enjoy and use your imagination to make every moment together even more special that you can treasure forever.

For more romantic ideas you can check out my new eBook “The language of love.  

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I would love to know which of these romantic ideas you like the best, tell me in the comments below.


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