November 30

How To Deal With Infidelity



How To Deal With Infidelity 

If your partner’s cheating on you, then this blog is definitely worth reading, it's your guide to how to deal with infidelity.

I'm going to explain exactly what happens to the brain, and how the brain prevents you from moving on from an affair. 

The first thing you need to understand is that, there are four key areas that are playing within the brain when we've experienced a traumatic impact of an affair.

The first one is what we call the Thalamus.

The second one is called the Amygdala. 

The third one is called the Hippocampus and the fourth is called the Prefrontal Cortex. 

So when we find out that our partner’s cheating on us, all of that information comes in from our main senses--our sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. 

It comes into the Thalamus but because it's so traumatic when we find out about it, the Amygdala.

Security Guard

Your Amygdala is like the security guard of your brain. 

The Amygdala  kicks in and extracts all that information, therefore, preventing it from just moving into the prefrontal cortex. 

Then, because it's so traumatic, the Amygdala acts like a source of a safety mechanism.

It's sort of short circuits and prevents all the information from moving into the Hippocampus.

An integration barrier comes up and like a short circuiting occurs when a plug goes, it shuts all the electrical.

It does just that, prevents all that information.

So all the nasty memories and everything to do with the affair that you have found out is stuck and stored in the Amygdala.

Therefore, anything that brings up the memories or anything again that stirs it up, the Amygdala kicks off.

It thinks that that's going to happen again. So basically, what happens is every time you feel that, it just can constantly keep happening. 

But I help people to process the traumatic impact of an affair.

Emotional Processing

It's called emotional processing, I help you to process all that information from the Amygdala through the Hippocampus and then into the Prefrontal Cortex. 

This allows you then to start to make cognitive rational decisions again.

It allows you to maybe decide whether you want to stay or remain in that relationship.

It allows you to take back control of your emotions. 

And i've got some really good news for you today.

I've created a brand new four-part video series that's all about helping you to process the difficult memories now stuck inside of yourAmygdala.

This enables you can take back control of your life once again.

So to get access to that brand new four-part video series, simply click the button below this video right now.

Add your name and email address and I'll send you instantly your very first video in the series. 

So there we have it, a short video on how to deal with infidelity.

So thanks for watching this video.

And I look forward to seeing you at that very first video.

Where i'll dive into really helping you to process the difficult memories from the traumatic impact of an affair. 


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