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Stephen helped save our marriage. Before we came to see Stephen me and my husband was on the verge of splitting up for good. Along with couple and individual counselling I can honestly say we are both in a better place and we have our marriage back on track. If not better! Would highly recommend. Thank you

Here's How You Could Benefit?  


Argument Resolution 

If communication is a problem for you then worry no more because your couples counsellor will help you to improve your communication skills so that your can resolve your arguments and disagreements quickly, easily and calmly.  


Rebuilding Trust 

If there has been a breaking of trust in your relationship,  then you're in the right place because couples counsellor will help you to rebuild the trust in your relationship so that you feel safe and secure in your relationship once again. 


Love & Connection

If you feel that the love and connection that you once had has gone, then worry no more because your couples counsellor will help you to reignite the love and connection in your relationship again so that you can experience more, romance, passion, intimacy and happiness.   

does marriage counselling work

Customer stories

Could not recommend Stephens excellent services enough. Found his sessions invaluable to get my partner and i back on track, great down to earth guy, also a special offer with a block booking.

I cant thank Stephen enough, he has given me a much clearer outlook and the tools to help me manage very difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I first came to Stephen a little skeptical and it wasn't my choice but I was open to counselling. Just over a year before I started I lost someone very close to me and from there everything went downhill, my work, my study, my relationship and my temper was shorter, I didn't even realise it was happening most of the time. But throughout the cognitive counselling with Stephen and since I have finished my sessions I feel 10x better in myself.


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