Is Your Anger Destroying Your Life?

If Your Answer Is "YES", Then You Definitely Need To Book Your FREE Anger Management Course Telephone Consultation And Let Us Show You How We Could Finally Help You To Stop Your Anger From Destroying Your Life. 

How Will You Benefit From Your FREE Anger Management webinar.

Anger Management Course, It all starts with a 100% FREE anger management webinar. Here's how you'll benefit from your FREE webinar: 

You and your anger management specialist will work together to create a crystal-clear vision for the kind of life you'd like to have without anger problems. 

You'll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your happiness and success.

And you'll leave the session renewed, reenergised and inspired to finally take positive action steps to take control of your anger. 

Finally after your FREE webinar, you can pay and enrol on your chosen anger management course. 

There are 2 course options, individual or group courses. Therefore there are 2 different price points, this will be discussed in your consultation.

Please note we have special offers and payment plans but you'll need to fund your course, it's not FREE.    

How Can You Benefit Form Attending A Course? 

Our anger management course Liverpool and St Helens are specifically designed to enable you to take control of your anger so that you can improve the quality of your relationship and life.  

Module 1: A - Anger Control System - You'll discover quick start skills that will enable you to control your anger quickly and easily so that you can start to rebuild any damaged relationships quickly. 

Module 2: N - Negative Trap System - You'll uncover simple but extremely effective skills that will enable you to break the negative anger trap, that's destroying you life and happiness.  

Module 3: G - Goal Success System - You'll learn how to set goals that will enable you to completely transform your life so that you can start to enjoy your life without constantly losing your temper.   

Module 4: E - Emotion Reversal System - You'll master solution focused skills that will enable you to replace your negative emotions of anger, guilt and shame with feelings of peace, relaxation and happiness.      

Module 5: R - Relapse Prevention System - You'll discover techniques that will enable you to reduce the risk of recurring anger problems in the future so that you can continue to enjoy your life like you deserve.    

Here's What Some Of Our Amazing Past Clients Say About Us...

DISCLAIMER: Please note that by attending our anger management course Liverpool or surrounding areas that we can never be responsible for your success or guarantee anything. The problem is most people never take action, hence, most don't get any results.  

That doesn't stop us here at Clear Minds. We still work hard for you, the best that we know how to. Your results are up to you though, they always will be. We are just here to provide the tool, education, anger management techniques and resources.

Please always know that by attending our anger management course results are never typical and only those who take action stand a chance. 

We care about your success that is why we believe in being real and absolutely transparent with you.