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7 Tips For Building Trust In A Relationship


7 Tip For Building Trust In A Relationship

In relationships it's normal to want to appear perfect, but it's important to remember that nobody is.

From time to time somebody in your relationship will make a mistake, but trusting your partner is key to making sure that you come back from the problem stronger and don't break up.

While it can seem that trust comes naturally to some couples it is actually part of a relationship that can and should be worked on to improve and to build. Here are seven ways to building trust in a relationship.

Keep Your Promises

This seems simple, but can be hard for some people. If your partner can't trust you to do small things like take out the trash or get the mail, they'll be unlikely to trust you with larger problems that may arise in the future.

 No matter how small your promise is, make sure that you keep it. It could make or break the trust in your relationship.

Be Yourself

Staying true to who you are in all situations will show your partner that you don't have multiple sides or personalities.

If you act one way with friends and another way with your partner, they'll start to wonder which one is the real you. Don't give them that concern and they'll trust you more.

Don't Keep Secrets

If someone has cheated on your partner they're likely to be hyper-vigilante and worried that you may, too. You can allay these fears by being transparent about who you're talking to or texting.

Your friend from the past may not be a concern, but your partner won't know that if you aren't open about it.

Show Up on Time

Not showing up on time isn't just inconsiderate - it also shows that you can't be trusted to follow through on what you say that you'll do.

If you're going to be late have the courtesy to call and let you partner know. Being on time may seem small, but it shows a lot about your character.

Confide in Your Partner

Your partner will mirror how open you are with them. If something bad happens and you save it to talk to your friends without ever involving them they won't feel like their opinion matters to you.

Make sure to include them in your life and show them that what they think is important. It'll come back to you when they open up to you as well.

Don't Judge

Being empathetic will get you a lot farther in your relationship than being judgemental will. No matter how small the problem or emotion is that your partner shares with you it's important not to downplay it.

 Remember: it's important to them and they're sharing it with you. Don't negate it and make them think that you don't care. Listening and building each other up builds trust.

Take Turns Making Plans

Trust is built but it doesn't come overnight. When you allow your partner to make decisions that don't affect just them but also affect you, you're actually giving them a chance to consider your feelings.

When you start small - for example, picking the movie - you can gauge how well they do and if you can trust them with something bigger. This goes both ways. When it's your turn, take his feelings into consideration and make sure that the date includes something you'll both enjoy.

These seven tips are all key to building trust in a relationship. By being open, honest, and true to yourself, you will show your partner that you're worthy of their trust. Take their feelings into consideration when making small decisions and pretty soon they'll trust you to make larger ones, too.


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